Thursday, December 17, 2009

sweet vinegar pork, butterfried salmon and toast

got a blocked nose and had bodyaches last night, enough reason to sleep in today. when he got up at noon, she had already made 2 slices of heart-shaped toast.

after washing himself up, he washed the salmon, patted it dry and prepared for slicing. at the same time, she washed a cup of rice and put it into the electric cooker. she then left the still-in-package-pork to defrost in a bowl of water, chopped up some ginger, pineapple slices and prepared her "batterinate" (mixture of batter and marinate). this "batterinate" was needed to make the sweet vinegar pork, and the components are vinegar, flour, kushiyaki sauce, spring onions, salt, soy sauce and rice wine.

salmon was treated to a splash of olive oil, then dusted with some salt and garlic powder. seeing that there was still more flour, he added some of it into the mixture. finally, he melted a smaller-than-yesterday chunk of butter in the heated skillet and started cooking the salmon slices.

butterfried garlic salmon - set on paper kitchen towel to remove excess oil before serving.

salmon with the heart-shaped toast - sweet gesture, even the discarded sides of the toast tasted so good on their own. in any case, he ate the heart heavily buttered.

last but not least, the star dish of the meal, sweet vinegar pork. to do this, she fried the battered pork before removing from heat. next, she cooked the pineapple before putting in the pork again to soak up the flavour. yummy? you bet.

totally forgot about the lettuce. used some of the nicer ones as wraps for the fish and meat, while the larger leaves were chopped up and eaten as salad. forgot to take a picture of this, and he bets you know the reason why...

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