Monday, July 26, 2010

Home-cooked stuff on 17 and 18 July 2010

first up, the dishes that wife whipped up on 17 July.

shanghai green - stir fried with dried shrimp

braised chicken mid-joints with garlic sprouts and carrots

stuff she made again on 18 July

braised pork belly with yam - cooked the yam in water to soften them before cutting them into cubes and stir-frying with the pork. the taste and texture of the yam was superb, soft and savoury on the outside, yet slightly sweet and powdery on the inside.

stir-fried garlic sprouts with carrots strip

the most sinful stuff of the day, caramel pudding for dessert. the caramel formed a moat around the pudding, he (apprehensively) went "wow......."

wife was commenting about her dishes being lapped up in no time, apparently in self-praise. hahahaha

Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 July 2010 - ajitei after henderson waves

finally got her royal fatness to go with him on a visit to henderson waves. the accumulated food weight brought them to a halt after each flight of stairs. it was really funny looking at each other's facial expressions.

after taking enough photographs, they walked from henderson all harbourfront mrt, a tiring feat. so she decided that she wanted to reward herself with blue mussels from mussel guys, to which he suggested the orchard central branch rather than the notorious one at vivo city.

bad luck though, found out that it had closed upon reaching there, so they went to ajitei instead.

unagi yanagawa set - she forced him to order this even though what he wanted was only salmon sashimi, since they already had food at home.

pickles - sesame bits are so yummy. not too sure what kind of pickle this is though.

the creamy and slightly tangy whipped potato

close up of the yanagawa

radish - maybe time to cook some radish pork bone soup at home

her pick of unatori - unagi and chicken

finally, the only dish that he had wanted to eat, salmon sashimi. now he truly believes that knifework really makes a difference, this tasted better than salmon belly at some other random sushi restaurant.

04 July 2010 - pork goulash and brinjal

the missus made her own version of goulash with yam, pork, carrots. the yam made the texture of the gravy thick and slightly powdery, and they ingredients blended much better than he had expected.

spicy brinjal - nice to have a change from the usual, not that he'd get sick of food so easily.

26 June 2010 - fish and co and lai lai family restaurant

even though they just had lunch at home, the missus still wanted to eat. walked around and eventually settled for fish and co, intending to try out the world cup sets.

seafood platter for him, the grilled fish was just a very small fillet, not the usual fish and co size.

the prawns on half cooked rice. felt that the rice was very disappointing, cold and some of them were still hard. but the missus didn't like to him complain, so he just shut up and swallowed his rice.

2 mussels

fried calamari rings

the wife got salmon, which seem like the best deal. reasonably sized chunks.

and to top off the day, he brought her to try out taiwanese beef noodles at lai lai family restaurant. these meals kept her royal fatness happy for a while

20 June 2010 - steamed brinjal

she always targets a few at the supermarket, yam, brinjal, mince pork, canned fish. this time, she got mince pork and brinjal.

steamed brinjal topped with mince meat - you've seen this countless of times, at least it's a healthier dish

plus some plain rice topped with sesame seasoning. sometimes, simplicity is bliss. (because you don't have to wash so many pots and pans)

18 June 2010 - lunch at swensens

went with missus for her interview, and went for lunch together before heading back to office.

as usual, her royal fatness wanted to have restaurant fare and suggested swensens since they were in town.

beef goulash for her - nice stew, reminded him to google for oxtail soup recipes

barbecued half chicken for him - always found it funny that the chicken they served were wingless. probably how winglets came about separately on menus.

16 June 2010 - curry beef brisket

what could be better than returning home to a good meal?

he was first presented with curry vermicelli, hungrily finished up the whole bowl. mind you, it was quite a big bowl. satisfied after all that gobbling, however...

she next scooped rice and more curry for him. now you know why it looks as if he's pregnant...

13, 14 June 2010 - lao bejing and homecooked stuff

visited lao beijing on 13 June for their dimsum buffet. he'll have to apologise for this again, had forgotten to take pictures of the food, especially when the siew mai was so good.

and some homecooked food on 14 June, potato salad

and supposedly century egg porridge. the missus insisted on using a small pot, and ended up being unable to add enough water. also, she boiled the century egg into the porridge. well, a slightly refreshing change, huh.

12 June 2010 mash potato dinner

not the first time the missus made this. this is made by steaming, probably very healthy. the carrots give a hint a sweetness and the cucumbers add crunch to the dish. another dish added to the good list

11 June 2010 at hot tomato

steak with shrimp - charred exterior brought a slightly bitter flavour, but that was all to it. he think the ones at pepper lunch are much better.

got a chocolate milkshake to fatten her up - double whammy.

some thoughts, seating area is quite cramped and service could do with some improvement.

06 June 2010 braised pork with rice

all things braised are probably good. contained pork and egg. he's relishing her homecooked meals.

05 June 2010 at ikea

people say they have large appetites. he begs to differ, she is the one with the large appetite.

1o pcs meatballs - love the sauce

6pcs chicken wings - seem to have become a must eat every visit

chicken rice - very value for money, 3 huge chunks of chicken

2 June 2010 @ The Handburger

ordered "the works". walked past several times and the missus just had to try it once. he didn't eat much of it, wasn't feeling too good that day. she mentioned that it was a quality burger that she enjoyed.

buffalo wings - more sourish than spicy