Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A10 10/10/10 (MOF on 10 October 2010)

the order form - even though he was the one who filled up the form, she was the one who realised that they were seated at table 10 on 10/10/10. spent around $32 at MOF.

her unagi set that came with soba - the fan of unagi and soba said that this was not to her liking... ~$14.80

sake sashimi - laid on top of some crushed ice which melted really fast, and the water made the fish slices soggy. wasabi lacked punch too, didn't even tickle his nasal passage. ~$7.50

aglio olio with ni-tamago - marinated enough, but the yolk was powdery, unlike what was shown in the menu or what it should have been, disappointing! pasta was otherwise ok, maybe more garlic and addition of chilli padi would up the flavor. ~$6

after late lunch, they went to ikea and the always hungry auntie wanted to have salmon in chives sauce at ikea. good stuff for $7.50, but it seemed that the salmon chunks had somewhat downsized.