Saturday, December 26, 2009

homecooked dinner 24 December 09

returned home after half a day at work and took a nap. got up late evening and started preparing dinner....

sweet vinegar pork - another version of the wife's sweet and sour variety. didn't taste too good... marinate was made last minute, to the extent that some ingredients had to be thrown in after the pork had been cooked well in the wok.

french beans with dried shrimp - wife wanted to put the shrimps in last, he felt that the shrimps should have been fried first for fragrance. nobody knows who's right yet. this time round she put very little oil and it caused the beans to get burnt, most of them suffered black patches. those with more severe injuried were picked out and thrown away, probably carcinogenic.

made some watercress soup. this time he put a huge dried red date and some wolfberries into the soup, and it tasted the whole lot sweeter. boiled the watercress with some sliced of pork loin marinated with salt. a second difference in opinion formed, wife said that the watercress shouldn't be boiled for too long, but he felt that since it was a soup, you should cook longer to bring out the flavour. again, nobody knows who's right. so he just turned off the flame anyway, to save some gas and prevent arguments. no picture of this, since it had already spoilt their moods.

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