Monday, December 28, 2009

$5 dinner of beef, brinjal and dace

bought groceries after work, again. got a can of fried dace in black beans, 2 brinjals, a bag of kangkong, and a piece of beef. decided that kangkong was for the next day, and started working on dinner.

she cut large chunks of the brinjal and placed them in a porcelain plate. the only brinjal he ever ate was with chilli paste, until she told him to open the can of dace, and started shredding and spreading the bits of dace onto the brinjal. not wanting to get his hands oily, he took a teaspoon and scooped the salted black beans onto the brinjal, and then drizzled it with the remaining oil in the can. set it to steam for 15 minutes.

steamed brinjal with fried dace in salted black beans. the can of dace is very salty on its own, but with the unseasoned brinjal, everything seemed to blend well. a refreshing way of eating the brinjal he loved so well.

the next thing he knew, he was being ordered to cut ginger, dice garlic and slice the beef. she did the marination of the beef with rice wine, kushiyaki sauce, and some rice flour. why rice flour? she said it was to lock the mixture to the beef, then hurried him to heat the wok and pour in sesame oil. fried the garlic and ginger on high until fragrant, then threw in the beef. added in blobs of oyster sauce when most of the beef looked cooked and stir-fried some more till satisfactory.

stir-fried beef in oyster sauce. he was a little upset that she objected to pan-frying with just the kushiyaki sauce, but this ended up tasting great. wife sometimes really works wonders, more frequent in recent. the potential in her seems to be awakening...

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