Tuesday, December 29, 2009

capsicum chicken and kangkong in oyster sauce

had a long day at work. she was waiting for him to be back before she started preparing freshly cooked dinner.

she soaked the kangkong and capsicum for a bit before slicing and chopping them. had the usual garlic and ginger combination too. as for meat, she cut small pieces out of a chunk of chicken breast. not telling him how she wanted to cook today, she ordered him to sit and wait while she started the wokking.

first dish, stir-fried chicken with capsicum strips. the thin and long slices of capsicum made eating them a whole new experience. as for the chicken, she blanched the marinated pieces to prepare them for the stir-fry. he thought this would take away the flavour and make the meat tough, but he was wrong again. tender and juicy, totally different from the kind of chicken breast he had ever made. nice color too, except that he bought yellow capsicum after mistaking it for red.

next dish, kangkong in oyster sauce. she boiled the vegetables, with no seasoning whatsoever. weird way of cooking, he thought. she sniggered and started frying the garlic till fragrant before adding the vegetables. drizzled some oyster sauce and stirred until even before serving. another novel way of eating for him, he had only known sambal kangkong. just look at the oh-so-slick vegetables......

total cost, $4.10. nice.

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