Saturday, December 19, 2009

homecooked lunch on 18 december

dinner on the previous day was a disaster. perhaps they had tried to make something too difficult for them at this stage in time. only the broccoli with butter and salt tasted fine, the xiao long baos tasted like dough and the meat hadn't been seasoned enough.

but, she managed to rebound the very next day. got up earlier than him and cooked minced meat beans, sugar-coated yam and corn soup with minced meat.

corn soup with minced meat, and dissolved yam. tasted good enough.

sugar coated yam chunks. too thick, some were not cooked enough to bring out the sweetness, and he felt that too much sugar was used. those that were done well had a good aroma once you bit into them.

the best dish - minced meat with beans. she chopped garlic and chilli to suit his taste, how sweet. beans were still crunchy and complemented the slightly salty meat well.

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