Monday, December 14, 2009

home cooked dinner 141209

rushed home after work to get some groceries from ntuc.

beef $2+
raddish $1.35
enoki mushrooms $1+
buna shimeiji mushrooms (brown headed) $1+
aged ginger $0.69
french beans $1+
rice flour $1+

with frozen pork ribs left over in the freezer from the weekends, they decided to split into 2 teams and make 2 dishes. she took charge of french beans with beef again. this time, she marinated the beef with soy sauce, ginger, some flour and vegetable oil. while she was massaging the beef, he quickly rinsed the french beans and the mushrooms, boiled water to drench the pork ribs to remove some oil. after which, she processed the french beans by peeling both ends and breaking them into 2 or 3 pieces. again, she needed him to pour oil into the heated wok, and she unknowingly gave him a wet spatula, which made the oil spatter onto his hand. what a vicious trap.

she quickly stir fried the beef over a medium flame, then removed it to fry the beans, before allowing the beef to join in again. this time round, the beef seemed juicier, and the starch gave it a slick texture. just realised that the beef got missed out in the picture. blame hunger for it, he reached home only around 8pm.

now for his performance, in charge of soup again. raddish pork ribs soup. he always likes to use natural vegetable flavours to make his soup (not that he really knows how to). brought the pot to a boil and thew in the crushed garlic, ginger, raddish and the half-blanched pork ribs. left it on medium heat and waited till the items in the pot were dancing with bubbles before it was time to throw in the mushrooms. well, no particular reason why that was done, just testing it out, hahahaha. he then turned down the flame for a slow boil, and gasak-ed the readiness of the soup using the hunger limit. well, uncool presentation, but it turned out palatable. raddish were chopped into smaller pieces so that they would cook faster. yum. noticed? no oil.

first overwhelming messy scoop for the hungry

the 2nd bowl of soup which looked slightly neater

hope you've had a good read, it had been a really tiring day.

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