Saturday, December 19, 2009

dinner at silk road amara

they had their anniversary dinner silk road, amara

the first hiccup to the buildup of this day was getting charged taxes when he was told that it was a nett amount he would be paying for. however, this was resolved with an email with the management, who agreed to refund the difference.

the next hiccup, was not checking the menu for the set dinner. ended up with a 5-course dinner that wasn't filling.

first up, tea cups were set in front of us, and hot water was then poured in to make the tea.

a peak of the contents before water was poured in. not too sure what this tea is called. can see wolfberries, green raisins? walnut, rock sugar... what else?

the first dish - sichuan spicy and sour soup. luckily it wasn't that spicy, so wife could still take it. quite nice.

the waitress then came over to inform that the "beijing crispy duck" would take another 1 hour before it could be served since the kitchen would only start roasting at a certain time. no choice, but to much on the seemingly innocent pickles. nice savoury taste, but soon, their mouths would end up tingling.

mala pickles, of some sort.

the second dish, beijing-style bean sauce noodles. this is a lot smaller than it looks, just slightly bigger than a bowl of soba. tasty, but definitely not filling. too hungry, so he also slurped up the soup.

third dish - xiao long bao. looking at this made him shudder. she had made some xiao long bao yesterday night, and it had been a disaster. luckily, it didn't taste that way on this night.

fourth dish - sichuan pancake. had to wait for a long time without anything to munch on, because nothing was ready. this pancake was supposed to be the dessert, but it still came before the beijing crispy duck. hungry people just ate without much complaints. had them hot and crispy, and the sweet filling of red bean paste was comforting.

finally, beijing crispy duck made its appearance. gobbled it up without much ado, and still felt hungry.

it felt that he was the odd one out in the restaurant, the staff and guests that day were mostly foreigners, and it seemed for a moment that he was out of the country. the wife laughed.

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