Friday, October 23, 2009

grill and pasta, revisted, yet again

on a saturday, she suddenly had a craving for pasta. "head to sembawang hill food centre", she said.

order some variations that they hadn't tried before. seafood marinara and alfredo linguine. to cool off on that hot day, they ordered banana and papaya milkshakes. $2 each.

from the following pictures, you'll probably see that he wasn't feeling too good that day. ask why?

hers - alfredo linguine $5.50? the same yummy cream base. the similar slurp-up of her leftovers by him.

his - seafood marinara $6.50? zesty tomato sauce (different from the normal ones), nice variety of seafood. had squid, prawns, mussels, clams. however, the stall seemed to be using a different variety of clams that day, small and no protruding siphons.

the milkshakes, $2 each. should have ordered sugar cane + lemon, cheaper and more thirst quenching, as least for him.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

friday dinner at ajitei

he met up with her at orchard to check out the "4 day 16th anniversary special" for simmons mattress at takashimaya. apparently, the $800 for simmons backcare ultimate 300 reflected "savings", instead of the special price. what a misleading advertisement splashed in straits times.

anyway, they went down to ajitei at basement level 2 for dinner. again, it was the recommendation of ws.

got seated, and after some deliberation, ordered curry rice, unagi small don, tontoro, tofu mentai. she had chargeable green tea ($1) while he settled for iced water.

the food came in small portions, but they were generally satisfied.

his curry rice - melted cheese on top of rice and some diced chicken. chicken was well marinated, and the cheese was thick. cheese with curry, an enjoyable combination. $4.80

unagi small don - served with cold sushi rice. not named small for nothing. unagi's skin was crispy and the meat fell apart nicely in the mouth. $5.80

tontoro - the slices turned out thinner and smaller that they thought. however, this didn't make them feel sick after eating, unlike the one from a take-and-go yakitori shop. however, maybe he should have bought some shabu shabu from ntuc and made his own. much cheaper. $7.80

tofu mentai - ws kept talking about it, so much so that he could hear it ringing at the back of his head. not the first time that they liked ws' recommendation. melted cheese ontop of fish roe and tofu. she, the difficult one, commented that it tasted good. it must be really good then, for someone who hates tofu to enjoy this dish. $4.80

at least, this meal washed down the disappointment that came with the misleadingly advertised simmons mattress.

he nearly forgot, the total damage : $28.48 after all other charges.

Monday, October 5, 2009

a tiring hamburger sunday morning

he woke up early in the morning for the start of phase 2 training. had half a glass of milk before setting off.

*fast forward to returning home*

he opened the door to see everyone else sleeping. no food, except for 8 eggs in a container filled with warm water.

a hungry man's gotta do what a hungry man's gotta do. whipped out the frying pan, put on the heat, dash of oil, and started frying the ham. now... he was hungry after all that running and the only ready food was egg. so, he cracked one and found that they were half boiled eggs. lovely.

revelation: in between waiting for the ham to cook, he unknowingly consumed 5 eggs. yes, bash him.

feeling a little more energetic, he could now peel the lettuce and chop the tomatoes.

crunchy lettuce having morning swim

sliced local tomatoes - the color wasn't too red, but being 1/4 the price of the malaysian crunchies, it was selected.

by this time, all the ham slices were done.

prepared the plates and buns. at this point of time, everyone else was still sleeping, oblivious to the aroma. or maybe there wasn't.

the final product - squeezed in 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of cheese, 1 folded lettuce and 2 slices of tomatoes. he couldn't help but have 2 of them.

and finally, after summoning them so many a time, they got up one by one. she tried to make it up by pouring him some chocolate noir cereal in chocolate milk. by the way, this one has a rich chocolatey core, he likes this better than his favourite kokokrunch now.

went another step to make a heart-shaped egg to shoved into his burger. however, he was conscious that he already had 5. too bad for him, no fried egg.

marvellous cream, beef rice and mooncakes

on this saturday, badminton was again called off, and the trip to bukit timah hill didn't materialise. left with not much choices, they headed down to town.

alighted at city hall, and headed to suntec city. whilst walking through citylink mall, her suddenly sharp eyes noticed that marvellous cream was selling their original series ice-cream for $4.90, even on weekends. too tired of explaining priorities to her, they just went in to get 1 chocolate sienne.

saw the ice-cream lady weigh the scoop of ice-cream, and then proceed to bash the ice-cream on the thermoplate. she chopped some chocolate into bits, wedged them into the ice-cream, drizzled chocolate syrup and started her left-right-centre martial arts on the ice-cream.

the result, marvellous cream's chocolate sienne, junior size. well, the cream (said to be milk from hokkaido?) tasted really good, and the chocolate was very rich. he enjoyed it, but would not like to have it everytime he walks past the shop.

after shopping, they found themselves with stuff from carrefour. chocolate noir and muesli cereals, and sesame burger buns for the next day onwards. cost him around $14 in all. they headed back to ang mo kio s-11 for the korean-style beef rice.

cost $4 a bowl, comes with soup and pickled cabbage. a welcoming color combination, and the thinly sliced beef was just delicious.

pickled cabbage and fried fry

after dinner, they headed to amk hub for her cause. to get some mooncakes. had a hard time finding yam ones in town, and the one at the fair in ngee ann city still cost $36 for a box for 9 minis. too tired to scour anymore lanes, they bought 4 pieces from a temporary stall's fat auntie. durian, sesame, pandan and yam. $20 for all.

durian mooncake with 2 egg yolks. all of them look similar, except for the color and wording, which state single or double yolk.

that wasn't all the damage. they went to ntuc and got iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, prune juice, black pepper ham and cheese. cost $20+. stay tuned for the next post...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

friday dinner at ikea

she suggested having dinner at ikea, since they haven't been there in a long while.

she hadn't had much appetite in recent. after having taken a look at the menu, she decided to just have chicken wings.

well, in the end, he ordered 6-piece chicken wings, 15-piece meatballs, and 5 piece kids' nuggets meal. sounds overwhelming for 2 people?

"signature" chicken wings. always very yummy, so crispy yet juicy, they would go for the bones after the meat. $7.50 for 6.

meatballs - he loved this. however, the potatoes this time didn't seem fresh. the outer layer was a tad too tough. meatballs with the cream sauce and strawberry jam was heavenly though. $8 for this 15-piece plate.

close up of the meatballs, potatoes and strawberry jam.

finally, the chicken nuggets. he thought this would cheer her up as it was one of her favourite when they go to mcdonalds. however, he ended up having to eat the bulk of it. $2.90

had iced water, so it shaved some stress off the bill. total damage for the night, $18.40.