Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sweet and sour pork, pan-fried codfish, butter vegetable soup

went grocery shopping after work again. wife only wanted to buy 1 piece of cod steak. but while shopping, he grabbed salmon steak, a bag of large yellow onions and 2 chunks of butter

when he got home with the loot, she had already marinated the pork, prepared the batter, mixed the sweet and sour sauce, and was already starting to chop up the vegetables.

menu for the evening, sweet and sour pork, pan-fry codfish and vegetable soup.

as always, they splitted into 2 groups. while she made final touches to the pork, he chopped some ginger and onions. washed the codfish and dried it on some kitchen towels before proceeding to dust it with salt, pepper, ginger and some soy sauce. he had wanted to make an oriental version, but she wanted a more westernized one. not much of a choice, compromises have to be made in a marriage. he heated up the skillet, melted a chunk-too-big of butter, and threw in some onions to be browned. some miscalculations here, the codfish steak was too big for the pan! halved it with the knife and snipped the stubborn skin with kitchen scissors before putting them into the pan, one at a time, cooking each side for a few minutes.

chapalang fusion codfish. wife smirked at the presentation of the dish, while his youngest brother commented that it had a unique flavor, which he appreciated. overall, they all seem to like how it tasted.

while the panfrying of the codfish was going on, wife was also frying the batter-dipped pork. she made a mistake by throwing all the pork into the wok instead of frying them in batches. so they ended up being oily and moist stir-fried pork, not crispy at all. once she deemed it done, she removed them from heat and threw in the sweet and sour sauce for heating. next, she added a mixture of riceflour and water to give the sauce a stickier consistency. gave it a good stir before adding red and green capsicums, pineapples, tomatoes and the pork.

here is the picture of the sweet and sour pork. apparently it turned out well, he felt it was very yummy for the first dish she officially cooked on her own. nice color, great taste!

he still had another dish left to do, soup!

raw chopped vegetables posing for a picture before going for their butter spa treatment. onion, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes. she opened a can of cream corn for the soup base, but he was skeptical if it would work as well as fresh corn.

luckily this turned out well too. it seemed to have a more appetising aroma with butter added to the soup. soup was sweet, though he's still sure it would have been better with fresh corn.

what a hectic day again. and she seemed to be all hyped up for more cooking. finally, something she's really motivated to do. cooking together is fun, at least for now.

taking the day off tomorrow, and he can't wait to slice the salmon like a pseudo-sushi chef. perhaps teriyaki salmon and breaded salmon tomorrow? hmm...

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