Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sumptuous dinner 301209

got off work a little late, and when he reached the supermarket, wife had already gotten most of the stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, bread, etc. they continued picking up somemore items like half a fresh chicken before checking out.

this was the second day he didn't have to do anything. she put enough water in the wok to cover the chicken and left it to boil. once hot, she added a cube of chicken essence.

while waiting, she made a special garnish - a combination of shredded parsley, chopped garlic, sichuan pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil. the last ingredient to be added was the soup from boiling the chicken.

boiled chicken in special garnish - chopped up the chicken when it became cool and drizzled the special garnish all over it. very tender and juicy, the meat fell apart easily just by using chopsticks. the savoury sauce complemented the chicken really well, reminded him of those used with hainanese chicken rice.

lettuce in oyster sauce - she made use of some chicken soup and oyster sauce to stir-fry the lettuce. the only qualm he had was that the leaves were too bulky. he felt that they should have been chopped into more manageable slices.

egg soup with tomatoes - poured the remaining soup from boiling the chicken into a pot and boiled it together with some tomatoes until tender. she then added eggs but forgot to stir the soup. hence it didn't become the "egg flower" soup, but the egg soup instead. good to balance out the savoury dishes.

simple meals everyday, but they bring a sense of contentment. beautiful, isn't it?

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