Saturday, December 26, 2009

dessert on 26 december 09

bought quite a bit of flour these days and he was not too happy to have them standing there collecting dust.

suggested that they try making xiao long bao again, but she counter-suggested mochi. with the idea of competition in mind, he said he would make dango instead.

she had already gotten her recipe, so he quickly googled for a basic dango recipe and embarked on his project.

got 50grams of rice flour, 100cc of water, around 10grams of sugar and mixed them into a dough with a slightly crumbly texture. had difficulty in rolling them round, they would crumble too easily. and was afraid if he added more water, it would become runny.

a preview of the smooth balls of cadet dango before going for the boil

something probably went wrong somewhere, the dango core was still powdery instead of becoming chewy even after boiling for almost 30 minutes. the outside was ok though, chewy and sweet.

but eitherway, she still poured some strawberry jam over the dango. it only amplified the sweetness of the outside, but the core was still not that palatable.

wife used a mixture of glutinous rice flour, corn starch and 100cc of water to make hers. she used the steaming method to cook the runny dough for 20 minutes before working further on it. she also cooked some glutinous rice over medium flame, this was to be used as the powder coating.

twenty minutes up, she allowed the cooked dough to cool before dividing them into some pieces. next was to flatten them, put some nutella and roll them up into a ball. each of these were then coated with the cooked glutinous rice flour before leaving to set in the fridge.

a view of the mochi's insides. yummy nutella, but maybe the skin was too thick... opposite situation from the dango

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