Thursday, January 19, 2012

16 Jan 2012 - Mini-reunion

Decided to have a mini reunion dinner, since it was also the youngest's birthday. The Dad put in a one man show to make this happen while the rest only came home to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

The soup base of the day was Xiao Fei Yang (on the right). Wasn't spicy the least bit, perhaps they had done it wrongly? Bought from Yue Hua in Jurong Point. The one of the left cost about $3, Xiao Fei Yang cost $6.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18 Jan 2012 - Astons Changi T1

Came to the airport and waited until Aston's starting business at 11.30pm. They were allocated the same seat as the last time. The leather covers were worn.

Medium-rare Prime Ribeye X'tra Cut ($18.50) with pasta salad and garden veggie. The waited served it to him instead, and looked a little surprised when told it was her. Girls eat big portions too! Hahaha. The pasta was a bit too soft, and was floury/powdery inside, so she left most of it untouched.

His medium-well Prime Ribeye ($15.90), with potato salad and onion rings. Smaller chunk of steak, but still good stuff. The potato salad seemed less tasty than before though.

Grand Sampler $13.90. Enjoyed the assortment of sausages, but it was a struggle for him when she claimed that she was full after a few bites-sized portions.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

14 Jan 2012 - Chinatown trip

McSpicy Double meal, mochaccino with cheesecake to start the day. You know it's a late start when the McSpicy goes up on the menu. About $14 in the stomach.

His doubly sinful burger. Crispy, spicy and wholesome chicken meat. Yum.

Mochaccino for her.

Cheesecake to go with.

Headed down to Chinatown to "soak" in the atmosphere. So crowded he almost soaked his shirt in sweat.

Mala cold dish for snacks at Chinatown. Numbing, spicy, savoury, just can't get enough of it. Got kelp, beef, pork and "phoenix claws" (chicken feet actually). Cost around $6.

Saw this interesting brand of dried durian, a pun on Andy Lau's Chinese name. It probably means the "essence of durians".

Went to Bugis to meetup her friend and it was food again. Desserts at Tang Shui Xian, because Ji De Chi was too crowded. Totalled slightly more than $10.

Mango shaved ice for him who needed to cool down.

Super Lemon Tea for the thirsty girl. The friend's soup dessert Cheng Tng in the background.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

07 Jan 2012 - Xiao Bar Wang and 4fingers

She finally got to try the braised meat meal box $3.80 from Xiao Bar Wang. They'd used lean meat instead of all the fatty portions one would in Taiwan. It was still tasty anyway.

He decided to have the vermicelli soup (mee sua) $3.30 for the umpteenth time. That orange bit of chilli paste packed more than enough spice to leave him sweating. And also upset the digestive system a few hours later. Why did he ask for chilli, then? Because it's worth it.

After cleaning out the set above, they shuffled across to 4fingers for some crispy chicken wing parts. 1 piece of chicken means either the drumlet, or the mid-joint and wing. Asked for the a 12 piece set ($14.50 - upsized) with combo sauce, soy garlic + spicy. Outside crispy and the inside well marinated. Some pieces were a little too salty though.

Came with a drink, and fries sprinkled with some herb seasoning.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2 Jan 2012 - First Poly-mates Dinner of 2012

Happy New Year's to one and all. Wishing everyone happiness and good health.

Monday was a holiday, and they all met up for the first gathering in 2012. It was arranged as The House of Robert Timms, Wheelock Place, because one of them worked there.

Another frappe for her, Macadamia Nut. $7.20++.

Mussels for him, $18.50++. Ordered the spicy chilli version, and the sauce was a delectable dip for the accompanying sticks of bread (he would have 3 servings). Mussels were soft and tender, you could "chew" them with your tongue.

One stick had gone missing... oh yes, and a pint of Victoria Bitter for $12++. Forgot about the picture though.

Braised Kangaroo Loin for her, $26.90++. Got it over crocodile meat, as it sounded like a safer bet. Like the fat-less version of beef. She wasn't too used to it though.

Crocodile Casserole for the brave Jinenji. $23.80++. Not too sure what it tasted like, will fill in his comments once he has them.

Bacon and Mushroom Fettucine, $18.50++. Shared by one loving couple. Probably should try sharing food next time, cut down on spending, and cut down on weight gain.

She scrutinized the cake menu...

... and the Oreo Dream Bar had her give in to her sweet tooth. $4.50++.

Chocolate Brownie Stack of one of the wives. $6.90++. Sinfully fudgey.

A treat from one of the ex-classmates. How do you share 5 cakes amongst 14 people...

So many other dishes got left out, he needs to find his passion for photography again. Images had been her responsibility in recent, he only afforded his time to the eat.

31 Dec 2011 - New Year's Eve

Bought the $7.50 Toffee Nut Frappe and Berry Cheesecake combo from McCafe, accumulated the third stamp and redeemed a complimentary Caramel Frappe. See that cheesecake hiding in the background?

Without prior reservation for dinner, they could only try their luck. Kiseki was fully reserved, and they had to join the long waiting list. Walked on and found some relatively empty restaurants along Orchard Road, but she insisted on going to the Bugis area for the Chongqing BBQ fish again. Went all the way there just to disappoint herself, it was full house, and the waiting time was at least half an hour. Probably not, their waiting list didn't look that short.

She already looked very glum, and glummer when she saw the queue at Ma Maison. Decided not to wait and continued, settling for the relatively empty NYDC.

Got 2 sets of medium well steaks, and another frappe for her. Cost more than $50 in total.

Something from a few days back, escargot from the supermarket. Ready for the oven. ~$8-9 a dozen-pack. Not that nice, some tasted muddy.