Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dinner of curry chicken and pan-fried salmon

he met wife for groceries shopping, who had the intention of making sweet and sour pork, curry chicken and pan-fried salmon. however, they decided to save the frozen pork for tomorrow night.

bought frozen pork, chilled chicken breast, chilled salmon fillet, a can of corn, a can of green peas, curry paste, coconut milk, baguette, caramel-coated popcorn, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots...

washed the salmon and sliced it like he watched on streaming videos, angled knifework. sprinkled olive oil, some salt, white wine and some cumin seeds to marinate the salmon slices. meanwhile, she sat by the side and ate chicken wings. grr.

next up was the chicken breast, smashed it up with the back of the knife before slicing them into small chunks. for this, only olive oil and salt were used for marination. this time, she finally got up to do some work, heated oil in the skillet to pan-fry the salmon slices. while she was at it, he peeled and chopped the carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and chilli padi.

things moved fast enough and she started oiling the heated wok in an attempt to fry the chicken golden brown. she, however, forgot the all important garlic. this was realised only after she starting putting the chopped vegetables in with the chicken. he immediately crushed some washed garlic and threw them in. water was then added to the wok and brought to a boil before throwing in the curry paste and coconut milk. mixed them well and left on medium heat. turned down the flame after the curry started boiling again. left on for another 10 minutes or so before turning off the flame.

and here comes the long awaited output

panfried salmon - meat within still tasted smooth and juicy (oily), fell apart easily in the mouth. mm.... but perhaps too much cumin seeds, the spice was a bit too overpowering for him.

chicken curry - as usual, the small cuts of vegetables cooked fast enough to become soft. curry was however not spicy enough, which couldn't have been the case since wife wasn't able to take food that are too spicy. chicken didn't have much time to soak up the curry, maybe it should have been chopped into smaller chunks.

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