Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yet another great mashup

 Food events

Chinese New Year steamboat with family. Tried to make it "pen cai" style.

Made chilli oil for "mala" steamboat with colleagues old and new

Saw tomato and cucumber roses on Youtube, couldn't resist trying it out

Pilot neighbor helped him purchased Yamazaki from a Japan flight. And he meant it as a gift, awesome neighbor.

Been looking at bicycles since moving to the own place. Was set on getting just the cheaper ones from Qoo10 or Aleoca from the supermarkets. Imagine, full suspension foldable for just $129. Tempting, eh. Oh yes, wanted to get foldable ones as new apartments are really small. And locking bicycles outside the house is just inviting thieves to buffet.

Slowly but surely, got poisoned by friends and blogs. Shortlisted the ~$400 7-speed Java-TT7, aluminium frame, mechanical disc brakes. When the poisoning got worse, he switched target to the ~$700 16-speed Java-FIT with a 52/42T crank, as compared with the 44T crank on the TT7.

The most informative blog he read was from here,

Bikes on the shortlist:
Vert V8 - looked really sleek and shiny. With freebies of bottle cage, bell and a bike bag too.
Java TT7 - functional and with good reviews
Java FIT - very sporty looking, and has 16-speeds
Raleigh Broadway 20 - regular boring looks, v-brakes
Raleigh Broadway 30 - looks sportier, 8-speeds, v-brakes

Was also looking at the 7-speed Raleigh Broadway 20, going for ~$380. Only brand that came stock with mudguards and v-brakes (read  about ease of maintenance as compared to mechanical disc brakes). Enlisted the help of Dad to look around his neighborhood, and lucky! Found both the Broadway 20 and 30 at good prices.

On 8 April 2015, settled for the 8-speed Raleigh Broadway 30. Everything's aluminium alloy, except for the fork. Specs seem a little heavier at 13kg, but heck, it's an 8-speed at good price. Rushed down from work to the bike shop, paid up and cycled ~10KM home. Not an easy ride with the bag slipping off the shoulder, but still very happy with the new purchase.

First photos for the Raleigh

Folded and tucked away in the service yard

Bought a bottle cage, yet to utilise it though...

Gear mounted!

Lor Halus bridge, from Punggol Waterway. Have done about 150km with the Raleigh at the time of writing.

Beloved Grandma

Grandma passed away peacefully on 14 April 2015. On the night of 11 April 2015, her maid sent a call for help, and he sped away on the Raleigh to her place to help out. She was hospitalized that night.

Visited her again in the hospital on the evening of 13 April 2015, never would have known that was the last time.

During this period of mourning, saw many facets of relatives that were not known before. Also got to experience Taoist rites and some traditional practices, like the "Sevens", multiple of days after a person's passing.

Did the 1st "Seven" at a private columbarium. The Buddhist monk didn't seem like a holy person. He shifted the kneeling pad by dragging it with his feet in front of his Buddha. Maybe it's just a job.

For the 3rd "Seven", we went to another temple (where Grandpa was) to have some rites performed. The monk was kindly, at least, he behaved like a proper Buddhist monk. 

Rays of light. Took leave this day for the 3rd "Seven"

After the 1hr 45min ritual, it was decided Nakhon for late lunch. Got the Dad and the Eldest Aunt to go. Good to see the 2 of them enjoying the food.

Clear tomyam soup. Not as spicy at Lerk Thai's

Thai fish cake. Didnt like the overly soft texture

Thai-style horfun (bland), and mange salad (lacked heat).

Pandan chicken was not flavorsome enough

Fried seabass in Thai chilli. Sweet, not spicy.