Thursday, June 23, 2011

12 June 2011 - Tang Dian Wang revisited

Dropped by again hoping for a quiet dinner, but it was not to be. There were already many occupied tables, and just a while after they got seated, it was almost full house.

Wasted no time in picking out from the menu, Double-boiled Pork Rib Soup to share. $7.80++
Ordered rice to accompany the soup, lesson learned from the other time when the noodles soaked up a huge portion of the soup. Cooked pork ribs, probably baked, were added to the soup.

Century egg with lean pork porridge for him as he wanted something light (it's true!). $3.80++

Steamed Prawn Dumplings - $4.50++
The skin broke apart very easily, and it tasted saltier than usual.

Ordered the crispy eggplant from before. Still as good. $3.80++

Braised sliced pork belly for $6.80++. Sliced really thinly, probably so you wouldn't get sick of it.

Mango cream to share, $4.20++. Once you start, it's difficult to stop...

Longan with lemon grass jelly, the final dessert to be shared. A refreshing choice, not too sweet and had a subtle fragrance. $3.80++

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

11 June 2011 - Nihon Mura

Went for buffet dinner at Nihon Mura AMK branch, and saw notices that it would be closing down at the end of the month. $24.99++ per person.

They had a choice of a one-time serving from the special menu.

Both of them opted for foie gras. The outside was well seasoned and very tasty. However, this had none of that melt in the mouth factor.

Next order on the list was chawanmushi. Smooth like it should be.

Some salmon (sake) sashimi to satisfy that craving. Difficult to go wrong with this.

Yellow tail (tai) had a rough texture and was tough, while tuna (maguro) was mushy.

Lobster hana maki

Chuka idako - his favourite dish of seasoned baby octopus.

Mussel mentai - mentai made up for what the mussels lacked.

Ebi tempura for something crispy

Shishamo that were probably male...

Yummy yakitori sticks

Teriyaki chicken which he shouldn't have ordered, especially when the yakitori tasted better.

All in....

Huge serving of messy soba. Smelt very flour-ish and perhaps the dipping sauce was also too weak.

Some mochi off the sushi belt

Asparagus bacon wraps that left their mouths watering. The chef probably forgot to peel the tough part of the asparagus.

Watermelon to aid disgestion, and cream puffs for dessert.

Ended the sinful meal with cup ice cream.

04 June 2011 - Snacking on cherry tomatoes

Halved, brushed with olive oil and salt, and sprinkled with black pepper. Ready for the toaster oven.

Forgot to take picture of the final product...