Thursday, May 6, 2010

F.I.S.H. 1-for-1 offer with cut-out

the littlest bro showed them a page in the straitstimes that screamed 1-for-1 dining with the cut-out. brought him along to the outing this time round.

his order of white fish - smelt a little weird to him, but littlest bro said he didn't smell anything out of the ordinary.

teriyaki ribeye - wife's favourite has got to be the ribeye. guess she was disappointed it came in slices and not a slab. that's for not reading the menu properly!

his herb sirloin (medium well) - the herb seasoning tasted special, but he didn't really like it. the steak wasn't that juicy either, even though the insides were still pink. still thinking about the steaks they had at pepper lunch the other day... mmm...

finally, for dessert. colossal carrot cake. just 1 slice for 3 of them, and littlest bro kept going for the icing. not as sinful as the one he had in the states, and more spongy texture was easily more acceptable.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

pepperlunch on saturday

was about to check out the john little moving out sale when the wife complained of being hungry. that's probably the only definite binding point between them, lust for food.]

stepped into pepper lunch, they remember it for always having decent cuts, unlike the badly sawed off ones they had at swensen's for lunch few days back.

pepper steak - first time having good looking marbled stuff at pepper lunch, salivating already...

big ribeye - wife always has the better deal, on hindsight, it was just $1.10 more than the pepper steak and it was larger quite a bit...

cooked big ribeye - caught her in the action of flipping the steak over

yummy stuff pepper lunch has. but the bill came up to around $35... bleeding somewhere already...

asian kitchen @ citylink on saturday

finally stepped in after being passersby for so many times.

order a bowl of beef noodles $9.90++ - got a few thin slices of beef and 4 meatballs, but luckily noodles were "Q". they concurred that they preferred the braised beef noodles from din tai fung. maybe it's just that they like a different kind of soup base.

xiao long bao (dumplings) $5.20++ for 6 - not too bad, but the ginger serving wasn't as tidily arranged as din tai fung's.

price ranges seem similar, would lean more towards din tai fung for now