Monday, March 21, 2011

20 Mar 2011 - Dinner at Kiseki

She was craving for buffet even when she was ill. This time, the requested victim was sashimi. Headed to Kiseki at Heeren, as other Japanese buffet options would definitely require prior reservations. The pictures in this post are all from her, as he was busy eating with his bare hands.

Checked in and went for the cold section first. Got some snow crab claws and legs. Some were sweet and really good, while a few were just bland.

Assorted sashimi, this was the second round selection by her. The first round was only a third the length of this. He commented on how after having tasted salmon sashimi made him dislike having cooked salmon ever since.

The whole array, picture uploaded at her request.

Shellfish selection... the scallops still had sand in them *cough*

They loved the soup from the beef hotpot, delicious and addictive but probably MSG-laden. Enjoyed the tender shiitake mushroom but disliked the fact that the beef slices were all stuck together, not sure if the chef was supposed to stir in the first place?

Did he say the soup was addictive? For the next round of soup, he got the seafood option. The tofu tasted weirdly doughy, never had anything like that in his life.

He also tried the technique of prawn peeling as seen on TV recently. Pierce the prawn from the back through to the front, and then pull the shell off. She wasn't impressed.

Got yakitori and some sushi, the bbq meat was salty stuff.

Salad for the sick girl, mixed of pasta and greens. Glad that she ate the tomato chunk when she hated it a lot. However, all the oil and dressing probably undid all the goodness.

More oily stuff, prawns were sweet and crunchy.

She never onced wanted omelette, but this time round she requested for it.

Witnessed this phenomenon. Waving bonito flakes on warm omelette. They were squirming and waving as though they were alive! Try it on your own next time.

Chawanmushi was brought onto the table along with the omelette, since their steam baskets were side by side.

Miscellaneous finger food that she picked up. He was already very full when she went to take this plate of food, but she still forced him to help finish it.

Her dessert catch, very kind of her already. Liked the lychee one, light and refreshing.

And they're done for the evening.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

12 Mar 2011 - Pizza Hut

She bought 2 bags of Doritos, and the coupons on the bags allowed them to redeem one personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut.

Meat Galore - consisted of chicken ham, pepperoni, minced beef and cabanossi sausages as listed on the menu. Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside as claimed.

Plate of 6 honey wings that cost $4 with the coupons. More salty than the name suggests.

Beef bolognese for her, $8.90. Not enjoyable, you'll see why soon.

The plate felt oily, but hunger and phototaking took their attention away. Only after finishing the food, they found oil stained wipe marks at the plate's edge. Didn't seem like it had been cleaned properly.

On the way home, she had wanted to get some more chips from the supermarket, but he decided that it was unhealthy enough that they had downed 2 big bags in a week.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

06 Mar 2011 - Grandma's Birthday Lunch et al.

Grandma's 84th birthday lunch was held at Gim Tin Grassroots' as usual.

Their table opted for the a la carte buffet, where you can only order once per dish. Around 20 selections, excluding 5 starters. Let's go straight to the pictures...

Smooth and succulent soy sauce chicken, and lean barbecued pork. Could have done with more chicken, his favourite meat.

Then came salad prawns, not as cold as he would have liked. Enjoyed the honeydew and melon chunks though.

Took a photograph of the chinese tea while waiting for the rest of the dishes to be served. The color turned lighter with each refill.

Next to arrive was the fried Soon Hock (Marbled Goby). This was gone in no time, tells you how well-received it was huh.

Steamed Tilapia that still had some redness in the bone, and also had a muddy taste. Didn't really like this one.

Nonya-inspired stuff. Kueh Pieti cup with seafood filling of stir-fried prawns, conpoy and egg white.

There were a whole lot more, but the glutton bug kicked in again. Too engrossed with eating to take pictures.

Later on, they would go to town. Bought his first bottle of vitaminwater from Carrefour. $1.65.

The missus made some noise throughout the trip and got to buy 2 pairs of shoes. Debt dollars added *cash register sound clip*

Felt tired and was about to leave for home when she spotted Ji De Chi (JDC) dessert shop. Thinking about the durian ice shavings had them walking in half-consciously. He wanted to get durian again, but she wanted to try other flavours, and settled for mango ice shaving, $5. This serving here seemed smaller as compared to the one at Liang Seah Street. However, the place is bigger and it's probably a little more comfortable.

Weird sequence, but after their dessert, he wanted to have dinner. She claimed that she didn't want to eat, so he thought of going home for instant noodles (with the current damages in mind). But they still ended up at Pastamania. Small portions coming up...

Mussels and clams for her $9.90, no match for the cream based one from Grill and Pasta at Sembawang Hill Food Centre. Should re-visit some time soon...

Turkey bacon aglio olio for him, $7.60. Not too sure if the garlic wasn't enough, or it was not done well, felt that it lacked the fragrance and spiciness.

Makes him want to buy some spaghetti and try cooking aglio olio next weekend. Or maybe he should just stick to visiting Grill and Pasta...