Wednesday, December 23, 2009

breakfast and dinner for 22 Dec 09

surprisingly, wife woke up much earlier than him today to prepare breakfast for him. made instant noodles with pork loin strips. she said there was a hidden treasure within it, and named it "nei you qian kun". he immediately guessed that it was an egg. which was the case anyway.

in the evening, he took a shuttle bus to plaza singapura to meet wife. turned out it was crowded due to some celebrities event going on. so they headed to pomo with the intent to try out either juju or tao's. she was disagreeable with the price, and wanted to eat at ishimura instead.

too hungry to argue further, they took a quick browse and he decided on some dishes, which were all suited to her taste. he's not picky anyway.

unagi bento $8.90
came with a bowl of cold but smooth chawanmushi, 2 chunks of toufu in sauce, cold mixed vegetables of corn and lady's fingers, some pickles and of course, unagi. quite good to eat, or was it because of his hunger?

beef patty omurice $5.50
beef in black pepper sauce seemed like premium beef to him (dreaming, perhaps), omelette had a puffy and moist texture, when he was expecting it to be dry. thumbs up for this dish.

scallop vegetable pancake $4.90
ordered this instead of the japanese pizza since they've already tried it the other time. 6 scallops on the top and wife scoffed at the decision to pay that amount of money for a vegetable patty of cabbage and corn. he found it okay though.

raspberry and mango milkshake $1.50 each
raspberry for her, mango for him. had sago in the drink, helped balance out the savoury tastes.

the next table by now was already gawking at their food. probably in disbelief that 2 people could be so greedy as to eat so much. the people couldn't even finish one set of their own food. little did they know they were to witness more gorging action...

mekajiki $4.90
fell in love with this after trying it with colleagues. gave in to his insatiable lust for food and bought a platter of swordfish. however, this didn't feel as smooth and the meat was rubbery, unlike the one he had the other day. wife agreed.

next, they went on a long shopping stroll in daiso before heading back to ntuc for groceries. by that time, he was already seeing stars........

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