Monday, December 14, 2009

dining at the mussel guys 121209

after a tiring day at sentosa, they trudged around vivo city looking for food. just the other day, they had a photograph-less meal at shin kushiya, only because n97 went flat and she forgot to bring the ixus60 out. recapping, that meal cost around $53.20. had unagi yanagawa ($10.80), some kushiyaki, comprising of kaki maki (oysters $5.80), gyu karubi (really juicy beef $3.80), black pepper yakitori (chicken $2.20) and swordfish sashimi (mekajiki $12.80). he liked the beef, while the wife liked the foie gras ($9.80 a stick).

pictures from the mussel guys shall be made as compensation for the above picture-less story. muahaha.

the wife had baked seafood rice. the plate was really large and she thought she had a good deal for $18.90. she got disappointed after she found a mountain of rice under the cheese, 3 mussels, 3 prawns, some fish and squid.

he ordered a belgium mussel main 350g. $19.90. they had a promo that day, gifting 200g for every 350g ordered, or 350g with every 500g ordered. decided not to be too greedy, which was the right choice, since the wife couldn't even finish 1/3 of what she had ordered.

anyway, mussels in cream below. this was the "free" 200g of mussels. salivating again while he's typing this.

and finally, the main dish of the night. belgium mussels. shell is black, as compared to the other mussels which are in green. the meat is also smaller than the green mussels. however, it tasted much sweeter and smoother to him.

closer look at the belgium mussels in the pot

a close up of the belgium mussel still in shell.

total damage, $45.65. ouch. not too happy with the service though, nobody served any ice-water from the moment they sat down till they'd finished looking through the menu, and while they were having their meal, waiters and waitresses checked on their table several times only to clear plates but not top up water. hospitality was a big minus for him.

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