Saturday, February 13, 2010

informal reunion dinner 12 Feb 2010

arrived home and saw this nicely laid out on the table. a healthy steamed dish of broccoli, corn kernels, abalone slices and razor clams. corn was sweet but the seafood was salty. not sure if it was a good combination, but the plate got polished off soon enough anyway

ultra yummy pork ribs rice 11 Feb 2010

pork ribs rice - special braised pork ribs, egg halves and rice topped with japanese seasoning. work of the inspired wife demonstrating the skill of using available ingredients for a good meal.

curry favor 7 Feb 2010

read about curry favor online and they had mixed reviews. however, the management had been sincere enough reply and it seems they were quite open to feedbacks, so he thought he would give them a try. at the same time, they could also eat at a new place.

soup and salad

extra spicy curry chicken for him - curry was thick and flavorsome. very enjoyable, with pretty big chunks of meat, though the price tag still pinched.

regular beef curry for her - sweet curry with large cubes of beef, she liked it too, but he preferred his spicy. extra spicy.

total cost $30+, pinch the heart and wallet to love the stomach.

new york new york pork ribs 6 Feb 2010

new york new york pork ribs - wait around half an hour for this, succulent, at least better than the ones they had at cafe cartel. cost about $20+ inclusive of taxes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

sweet, sour, salty pork ribs, brinjal and bittergourd soup 3 Feb 2010

chapalang pork ribs. these are sweet, salty and a little sour. cooked for a little too long (she said she wanted to seal in the flavour), and the meat became tough.

steamed brinjal topped with olive vegetables and pork floss - steamed for 15 minutes or so, but the brinjal tasted a lot drier than usual, not as enjoyable.

bittergourd soup - weird addition of carrot, but finished them up anyway

sweet and sour pork, pork ribs bittergourd soup 02 Feb 2010

sweet and sour pork - not enough tomato sauce initially, had to add around 2 more scoops before it was good for the taste buds

pork ribs bittergourd soup - just the gourd and pork ribs, a soup he used to drink weekly as a recruit...

brinjal with mince beef and omelette rice 01 Feb 2010

fried omelette rice using the new frying pan - egg was too dry, but rice was just nice, as she added the condiments in a controlled manner, rather than throwing them in all at once without tasting.

brinjal with mince beef - she tried to deep fry the brinjal with a lot of oil, and after cooking, the oil seemed to have dried up. a very unhealthy meal awaiting...oil-charged brinjal with mince beef