Saturday, December 19, 2009

breakfast at element restaurant

took a shower before going for breakfast. most of the doors still had their newspaper bags hung on their doors, quite evident that they had yet to leave their doors.

the restaurant was still quite empty when they reached. got seated and immediately prepared for the onslaught, the champagne being the most probable culprit for their hunger.

1st round, scramble egg, ham, sausages, banana cake, bacon and some apricot pastry.

2nd round, more sausages, ham, hash browns, samosa and chicken bun.

he requested for a egg roti prata from the chef, looked super yummy while it was being made. took a bowl of curry way before the prata was ready, and the chef took a second look at the hungry man in front of him.

wife finally finished her stuff and requested for some "plain porridge". this time round, the kitchen staff had added quite a bit of fish slices into the pot. lucky! topped with some pickle cai xim and fried onions, good to go.

the waiters and waitresses then started taking away their cutlery one by one. made them wonder if they had eaten too much and it was a sign for them to go away...

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