Saturday, December 26, 2009

hainanese chicken rice for dinner 25 Dec 09

went out for a day at the beach with his polytechnic classmates. had a good day out in the sun with some games, well-planned by the host. this, however, got them very very hungry.

took almost an hour's bus to AMK Hub and went to the foodcourt for chicken rice, mainly because of the air-conditioning. as usual, ordered half a chicken with 2 plates of rice, amounting to a total of $14. that's 20cents cheaper than their usual choice at S-11, and that stall seems to be tasting weird in recent.

this stall is one of the first few stalls on your left when you enter the foodcourt. $14 is more expensive than most coffee shops, but the air-conditioning, the quality and taste of the chicken, the deboning skill and the presentation make up for it. thick slices of tender and succulent chicken, with salty sauce sprinkled over it to enhance the taste. what more can a hungry couple ask for? he downed his with lots of chicken rice chilli, while she had hers with just some dark soy sauce.

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