Friday, April 30, 2010

swensens on a thursday

the impending month long flight away from home upset the emotional balance somehow, and he had to talk for quite a bit.... and everyone gets hungry so....

ordered a 1-for-1 medium well ribeye $22.90++. disappointingly, the slab of meat wasn't well cut, looked badly sawed off at one end. oh well, 1-for-1....

banana split - redeemed with 4x frito lay's cutouts...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

baked enoki and braised delight

came back from driving lessons and felt tired. read the newspapers and then went online to trawl a little more. she disappeared for a long while, and soon an aroma wafted into the room...

enoki baked with chopped garlic - she forgot the salt, so they had a healthy meal of shrooms with natural flavours.

braised delight - diced pork shoulder and hard boiled egg. she boiled these for around an hour, really delicious. though he had 4 eggs just last night, he couldn't resist and had another 2 for this meal. the meat? tender, juicy and savoury enough for him to keep picking from the bowl, still salivating while typing this.

domani on Saturday, 24 April 2010

being the glutton she was, she wanted to try the pasta at the restaurant at taka's basement since they hadn't gone there before. stood outside for a few good minutes before someone finally came over to serve them.

sepia nero - he had actually wanted to order carbonara, but then something else caught his attention, a black mess on the menu. placed an order for the squid ink stuff since it was new to him.

smelt really good, perhaps of butter and garlic, and the ink really made a mess of the mouth. do wipe well before leaving your seat, unless you like gothic style black lips. ate it half way through and the missus requested for a swap of food. *roll eyes*

beef lasagne - not much comments, not fans of lasagne...

homecooked stuff for the past week

渔香肉丝 - sweet and sour pork slices with carrots, shallots and green bell pepper, however, not the type of sweet and sour pork we know so well

bacon and beans - just can't resist bacon

steamed eggplant topped with braised pork cubes - this time round they got small and round baby eggplants which tasted a little bitter...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunday lunch 18 april 2010

made her angry, so he thought it would be good to cook something she liked. got 2 packets of golden mushrooms for only $1.05, what a steal. saw over at wokkingmum stirfried asaparagus with burst cherry tomatoes which looked really yummy, but asparagus wasn't available. so he just made do with whatever he had.

sliced yellow bell pepper, cherry tomato, sliced shiitake mushroom stems and golden mushrooms.

mud crab - had planned to do this since last week. went to the supermarket after driving, got the vietnamese variety instead, since they were smaller, more parts for more people to eat. got 2 at a cost of around $16.

set them in the freezer for an hour to immobilise them before proceeding to bathe them. super smelly things. brushed them real hard before boiling them for 10 minutes in a pot of salt water. cooled them down before breaking their legs and removing the shell, which seemed quite easy to separate. heated some shallots, garlic and salt in the pan before stirring in the crab parts. somehow, the flesh didn't taste good, he thought the flesh was supposed to be sweet, but it was quite bland...

(yes, the claw has been accidentally placed upside down by him, not a mutated crab!)

din tai fong 17 april

the introduction to din tai fong's pork chop rice made him think of it all the time. and finally, he gave in to temptation.

pork chop rice - super juicy pork chop, he has probably never eaten anything like that elsewhere. the rice was well coated with egg too, not too oily either. thumbs up.

braised beef noodles - had been eyeing this the other time, and made the choice of rice. of course he wouldn't let it go this time round. super tender beef chunks, only 4 though.

scooped a small bowl for wife, saved the large one for himself

naninanibooboo - his big bowl of noodles as compared to hers. well in the end he ordered yet another bowl for her, so it wouldn't have made any difference anyway.

prepared the relish while waiting for the final dish

pork and shrimp dumplings - eat them up in one bite, otherwise the soup will spurt out.

dinner@home, 13 April

2 of his favourite kind of dish, chicken and mashed potato. yummy.

special soy sauce chicken - very well marinated but a little too salty

mashed potato and mixed vegetables - the suprise was in the centre, didn't expect it to be mashed potato

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

night snack

fell asleep at 8pm, and woke up around 12am feeling hungry. made some stuff for snacks, maybe a wrong definition.

melted cheese atop two rolls of bacon on a toast, topped with chilli, very satiating.

colored potato salad again, this time with skin on. microwaved on high for 5 minutes but didn't turn out as tender as the skinned version.

super full now, how to get to sleep?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

potato salad and bacon wrap


3 potatoes
some cherry tomatoes
3 slices of ham
2 hard-boiled eggs
5 tablespoons of mayonnaise
pepper as desired
a dash of salt

procedures they followed:

eggs - boil water, turn off the heat when it's boiling and leave eggs inside for 15 minutes. once done, run cool water over eggs first for easier shelling. chop or cut the egg into small bits.

potatoes - wash and peel potatoes, plastic wrap them in a microwave-safe dish and microwave on high for 5 minutes. be wary of steam when removing the plastic wrap. potatoes should now be pierced through easily with a fork. run through cool water and dice.

ham - brown ham in an oiled skillet. cut up the ham into small bits

cherry tomatoes - half them

add everything into a big bowl and mix well. finally, chill before serving. (he was too hungry so this step was skipped).

mayo enhanced egg and ham bits made this very delectable. however, they'll probably cut down on mayo next time round.


baby asparagus
golden mushrooms


asparagus - peel and blanch

mushrooms - blanch (read somewhere that this may be skipped)

bacon - she said to use flour on the inside of the bacon before wrapping the vegetables for better grip. heat on skillet until brown and fragrant.

outside was very crispy, however the insides were a little mushy, perhaps due to the flour.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

back from the jungle

been a long while since the last post. did you think this went dead? almost. some quick updates anyway.

Feb 26 - even though he had a company function to attend, she still made the effort to make a improvised-recipe cheese cake for his birthday. probably guilty for forgetting it the previous year! can't help but smile when he sees this picture.

mushroom beef wraps that she made, didn't enjoy this too much, prefer chunky portions to thin slices. still have no idea why the sides of the beef were in yellow...

astons prime sirloin - with very-good-to-eat potato salad and onion rings. asked for medium well, but it seemed to be medium rare instead. not too bad for the price

astons prime ribeye - allowed her the more expensive cut, but with greens for sides - coleslaw and garden salad. she seems to have slimmed down a little, so sad!