Friday, January 1, 2010

last dinner of 2009

he took a shower and slept after reaching home from the office. suddenly, he was rudely awoken by a frantic sounding wife. got up and went with her to see what happened. turned out to be dinner time, and some of it were ready to eat. happiness.

egg wrap (omelette) rice - wife special fried rice with curry-flavor chinese-style sausage. she refused to disclose the recipe, but it contained some dried shrimps. very fragrantly done. the egg wrap? she made him help her with frying some egg, and he just went ahead with frying his regular eggs, that's why you see it's not really that wrapped. maybe it should be called "egg covered rice" instead.

close up of the content

"hi tiger bye ox soup" - 100 grams of beef brisket, chicken essence cube, some star anise, ginger chunks, rice vermicelli. not too bad, but maybe the star anise made it a little weird. name of the soup is such to welcome the year of the tiger while the ox takes its break. sounds a little malicious though, when there's beef in the soup and she and he are born in the years of tiger and ox respectively.

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