Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sour cream salmon, black pepper beef and special sandwich

breakfast of pork floss and ham sandwich. pork floss was held in place by the margarine, and the ham by the slice of cheese underneath. 3 slices of bread in total, he apologises if it isn't evident from the picture, but he was rushing for time. one thing for sure, it's yummy and brimming with love.

he came home drenched, because the work environment's ceiling caved in due to accumulated rainfall. felt a little ill, so she assured him that she would whip up something delicious while he took a shower and a little nap.

sour cream salmon - rubbed with lime, white pepper powder and salt before pan-frying. dabbed with sour cream and it was ready to eat. sour cream.... is missing in this picture series.

black pepper beef with diced red bell pepper - bite sized portions, easy to eat. however, the fairprice label black pepper sauce seemed to lack punch in the spiciness department. still delectable in any case.

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