Sunday, January 31, 2010

dining at orchard central 30 Jan 2010

she wanted to try thai food since she thought she could already handle spicy stuff

headed to orchard central and checked out the directory, before proceeding to check out levels 7 and 8. the outdoor escalator ride up 3 levels was super scary for him, got him all tensed up and sweating by the time they reached solid ground. anyway, back to the main story.

central thai was having a 1 for 1 promo, so they decided to dine there. ready to order, he raised his hand and signalled to a skinhead staff on 2 different occasions. both times, the skinhead saw him but ignored him totally, and moved to stand outside the restaurant. however, when the sexily dressed lady at the next table requested for drinks, tissue papers, skinhead responded very swiftly. wow for service. not for slighting customers.

seafood pad thai $9.90++

green curry beef $9.90++ - thick and very flavorsome curry, made them neglect the pad thai altogether.

time for the bill, $11.65, and the waitress told them that credit payment was only available for $20 and above, and that they didn't accept NETS. had to go all the way down to the ground floor from the 8th level because he didn't have enough cash on hand. it was a bad experience overall, especially with skinhead, will not go back again.

proceeded to the mussel guys next door to complete formalities for dinner. service was much better than the one at vivo city, and they had 1 for 1 mussels for any credit card. ordered belgian mussels and baked cheese mussels on her request.

baked cheese mussels - tough and chewy, not as good as the juicy ones he had at hong kong buffet, lawton, oklahoma, united states. haha.

his preference of picture, as opposed to hers just above

belgian mussels - pot was smaller than the one at vivo city, but the mussels were still delicious. tender and sweet, finished this up with satisfaction before chewing on the baked mussels.

total damage was $30.45...

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