Monday, January 11, 2010

stuffed chicken breast and mixed vegetable

breakfast of vermicelli and meatballs again. with the new addition of an egg. to be honest, he wouldn't get sick of eating the same thing everyday, not yet at least.

stuffed chicken breast - stuffed with cheese and ham, then coated with cereal before frying. still the super delicious treat with creamy cheese that oozes out with each bite. this time round, butter was added to the oil, which made the aroma even more tantalising.

mixed vegetable of broccoli, carrots and baby corn. cooked with a slab of butter and some water. corn and broccoli still crunchy while the carrot was softened enough.

heart shaped watermelon - made using the same mold that molded the heart shaped stuff you've seen in this blog. she's contemplating buying a flower mold in the near future...

the victim - still looking good.

he had also made porridge with diced pork loin and pork liver, but it didn't look too good. also, he had forgotten to marinate the meat, so it didn't taste that good in the end. the failed dish of today. no pictures.

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