Saturday, January 9, 2010

stir-fried pork loin, spinach with bacon

has become a practice to sleep in during the weekends. however, it got out of hand today, woke up only at 3.30pm.

she prepared very late brunch, boiled some water, threw in the vermicelli, some soup base, some meatballs and a few stalks of spinach.

meatball vermicelli soup - bland start to the day, but grateful that it feels healthy.

and just a few hours later, it was time to prepare dinner. chopped up garlic, spinach and sliced the bacon. heated garlic in a few drops of oil before adding the bacon. once cooked, the spinach and 1/4 cup of water were added. threw in a pinch of salt and some seasoning, upped to medium heat, and stirred vigourously before serving.

spinach with bacon - spinach still crunchy and the bacon added extra oomph.

chopped some ginger, yellow onion, and sliced 3 pork loins. she then proceeded to mix one of her self-created marinades. this day, she removed the top of the shell and extracted the egg white only. the other ingredients were oyster sauce, flour, salt, sugar, pepper, he cannot remember what else. cooked the pork loin before adding the sauce she created.

stir fried pork loin - savoury, but a bit too salty to eat without staple. otherwise, very yummy.

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