Sunday, January 24, 2010

pizzahut on 23 Jan 2010

gave the cherry blossom pizza a try, $22.50++. citibank cards get 25% off. shaped like a flower and seemed appealing on the overall. the meat floss topping reminded them of her recent dishes. you get pineapples, bbq meat bits, pork floss and a cheese stuffed crusted. each slice actually seemed like a piece of bun that may be purchased from your bakery, nice to eat but perhaps too expensive for him.

seafood vongole - $10.90++ . there was another citibank promo, $12++ for a personal pan pizza and a pasta perfetto. unfortunately, the confused waitress offered them a choice of either seafood or chicken. in the end, her mix up cost them 1 personal pan pizza, wonderful. not.

"completed" the set with lemon tea and cream of mushroom for $3.50++

cream of mushroom

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