Saturday, January 9, 2010

lime chicken, mushroom soup, meatball vermicelli

she woke up slightly earlier than him to prepare breakfast of vermicelli soup with "flowered" meat balls and vegetable (not too sure of the name). he had a hasty breakfast before going to work.

next up, dinner. he bought full cream milk, bacon, chicken breast, etc, as requested by her.

the first thing she made was mushroom soup with bacon bits. sounds yummy, doesn't it?
thinly sliced the bacon and fried them till brown. mashed up a steamed potato, diced some mushrooms and onions. heated onions in some butter until fragrant before putting in the mashed potato and mushrooms. next, milk was poured until it just covered the ingredients. bacon bits were added as preferred.

stir-fried beans with dried shrimp. you've seen this before, heat garlic and dried shrimps in oil until fragrant before adding the vegetable into the fray.

sesame lime chicken. this was a very troublesome dish. had to fry the batter-coated chicken a few at a time, after which the wok had to be washed and cook the lime mixture with the chicken until it was gluey enough. the extent of work made him feel quite tired, the wife however remained energetic. haha..

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