Saturday, January 16, 2010

salted egg dou miao and olive vegetable tofu

he returned home from work after wasting 2.5hrs for a meeting that was cancelled last minute. the only reprieve was to return home to good food for both the stomach and soul.

steamed tofu topped with minced meat, olive vegetables and meat floss. the savoury toppings went well with the bland tofu. he loves tofu. 80cents for the slab, and total cost of this dish is probably less than $2.

dou miao with minced meat and salted egg. another good tasting novel dish to him. however, this was made very wastefully. bought a new packet of dou miao, as she had left the previous packet in the chiller for 2 days and it had wilted quite badly. wasted $1.30. the eggs were cooked in water, losing most of the yolk and whites in the process. food wastage breaks his heart (and wallet). the over-zealous mom scooped away most of the yolk, displaying inconsideration yet again.

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