Monday, January 18, 2010

caramel topped pudding 17 Jan 2010

the blur of eggs, flour, milk was managed by her, while he heated the sugar. caramel was poured into the molding bowl (just a normal bowl actually), before she poured the pudding into it. see the pock marks on the pudding? probably occurred because the pudding was steamed on high.

somehow after steaming, the hardened caramel became watery, that's why you see the top layer and the "moat". or it could have been because she flipped the pudding out before allowing it to cool. they'll probably try it another time, too much sugar intake in recent. she seemed to have been spurred on by the warm afternoon reception of her mooncakes.

caramel topped pudding

slice of caramel pudding fresh from the fridge on the morning of 18 Jan 2010

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