Saturday, January 2, 2010

say cheeze @ 313 somerset

slept in again, so they had to settle for late lunch. headed to cuppage plaza for the 1st level japanese restaurant, but turned out they closed at 2.30pm, and only re-opened at 6pm. too bad, they had to settle for the new malls on the opposite, orchard central and 313.

while in 313, they walked past "say cheeze" and the black angus sirloin looked tempting. got a table for 2, ordered the black angus sirloin (medium well) and a tokyo pizza. she further requested for a doubly sinful milkshake, very very thick and at a cost of $7.90++...

the black angus sirloin steak $18.90++ - insides still looked tender red, but not bloody. this sirloin's a thick chunk, unlike most other sirloins that they've had before. both of them thought that it was good. she commented that the whipped potato tasted different but she liked it anyway. color's a little on the brighter side too.

the tokyo pizza that she wanted ($13.90++). crispy crust, almost like a biscuit. came with teriyaki chicken and those usual flakes of he-forgot-what-you-call-them, very enjoyable.

close up of the tokyo pizza...

service was prompt and friendly, attentively topped up water and cleared the table. would go back again for the steak, and perhaps pizza.

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