Friday, September 11, 2009

spaghetti cravings

some stuff from the archives.

no pasta connoiseurs, but they just love spaghetti.

went for very late brunch one particular afternoon. settled for cafe cartel, ordered 2 sets of pork ribs, honey and crispy, and another carbonara. total bill came up to $40+, as usual, his heart bled.

some aglio from the menu - had chunks of mushrooms and chicken. why was it good? because she enjoyed it even when she really dislikes noodles.

his crispy pork ribs - the one on the plate, not the one who's out of focus. came with a small portion of aglio too. though he enjoyed the spaghetti, he felt sick after the 2nd rib. crust was crispy, but the inside was tough and didn't taste right. her honey ribs were okay, though.

on another fine day, after the loud advertisements by pizzahut about their fine pastas, they decided to give it a try. went for lunch at amk pizzahut, and placed orders for spicy chicken pomodoro and turkey bacon carbonara. total bill - $20+

spicy chicken pomodoro - small chunks of chicken thigh and bits of chilli padi for the extra oomph. particularly impressed with the service of the staff, real polite and they welcome people with eye contact, unlike most who would say "hello, welcome" while looking elsewhere.
if there was anything to complain about, it would be that the portion was quite small.

turkey bacon cabonara for her - which she also felt was too small a portion

on yet another day, after having the 1-for-1 ice-cream buffet at swensen's, they decided to have spaghetti (again!) at pastamania plaza singapura, total bill 20+. spicy chicken fusili would be missing because he was too hungry and gobbled it all up without taking a picture first!

here is turkey bacon aglio. impressive for her, because she managed to eat half even though it was cooked with chilli padis. both were yummy, but there was quite a bit of residual oil on the plates.

this post shall not end before minutes of their lunch at v8 cafe, bugis. having got sick of pastas, he decided to have some steak, to which the waitress told him was only 10grams of beef. guess who's the confused one. still in a pasta frenzy, she ordered seafood spaghetti as v8 ran out of cream sauce for the salmon one. total bill - around $30.

seafood spaghetti - one large fleshy mussel, when she thought she would have a few. she didn't enjoy this as much. ask him not, for he didn't get to taste it.

medium well "10gm" black pepper steak. the vegetables on the plate were still crunchy, but he would have preferred to have some salted butter to go with. the steak was .... ..... mind is already trailing off... it's time for bed.

more to come tomorrow, or perhaps, saturday.

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