Sunday, September 27, 2009

midweek at ichiban sushi

he had taken leave to settle some of her issues. once done, they headed to IMM with the vision of raiding the largest local daiso.

however, her weakness for sushi acted up, and they had to do a pit-stop at ichiban sushi.

some non-refillable berry float that she ordered. cost most than $5. his refillable green tea cost a mere $1.

unagi - one of their favourites. $2.10 for 2 portions (excluding various charges)

tobiko and ebiko - had wanted to order ikura too, but she found it too expensive.

scallop - cold and chewy, not the stuff that she likes. he loves to eat shellfishes though, glad to have had both of them.

crispy lobster salad - cold stuff on top, but the crispy roll was quite nice.

another of their favourites - e-tako. portions seem a bit too slight.

yet another dish that they can't resist. he likes them breaded, however, she likes them roasted. $5.50 for 4?

beancurd roll - food that she likes.

somehow, the bill amounted to $40+. he felt like someone had just punched his head. 99c sushi next time.

service was ok, the auntie who served them was quite polite, except that she coughed without covering her mouth.

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