Monday, September 14, 2009

home made food (with love)

from the archives again.

here's the latest, something that she made for him, using a heart-shaped mould ($2) bought from daiso. egg placed upon a slice of black pepper ham, waiting to enter his "gastruniverse".

the following few pictures would be from between 1-2 years back when he was still trudging through university. the only ways of relieving stress would be to go cycling with the camera, or to cook for the camera. it's quite obvious which won his favor. most of them were made after midnight, the time when "nothing is right in his left brain and nothing is left in his right".

sunny-side ups - gotta have them still hot, pass the dark soy sauce please!

"together we'll be" - an idea popped out of nowhere while peeling prawns. these were the 2 that formed up the nicest. the other 2 were hidden underneath the parsley, that explains the amount used. the onions made his eyes bleed tears... but revenge came soon after.

the love for eggs made him try a pizza/pancake-style egg with toppings of chopped onions with cheese that didn't melt too nicely. garnished with finely chopped spring onions. you can see that the egg was too dry....

second try of the pizza-style egg. was better prepared this time round, used chicken franks, crab-meat sticks and cherry tomatoes. too much eggs in his diet, most people say. but he just loves eggs.

melted cheese omelette with chopped onions. ingredients were limited and cash was low. just settled for anything that could be thrown in for a delicious break from mugging. this time round, the cheese just wouldn't stop melting.

there came a time when he got sick of just eggs. he tried to pan-fry noodles with custom-made sauce. sounds dangerous, but luckily it was palatable.

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