Monday, September 21, 2009

cafeteria il lido on friday 18 Sep 09

she saw this article in the newspapers, which recommended food from cafe il lido at suntec city. bugged him to dine out on friday, and there they went to try the spaghetti.

clam spaghetti aglio for him - she found it ok, but it didn't have that fresh, sweet seafood taste.

creamy salmon spaghetti for her - she slurped up everything, finished faster than him, even though her portion came later. seems like thumbs up. one minor complaint from him is that the salmon slices seemed stingy.

minute steak - they still felt hungry after the spaghetti. pounded till thin, meat was lean, but their verdict's that they still preferred chunky steaks or (fatty) beef shabu shabu. something special was that the fries tasted like they were made from sweet potatoes, a refreshing change.

service-wise, waiters and waitresses were very attentive and polite. made dining really comfortable.

not forgetting the damage :

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