Monday, September 21, 2009

badminton day 20 Sep 09

woke up to an sms from lk to have lunch at nyp macdonald's. however, he had stocked bread, chicken franks, and cucumbers, so it was to be brunch at home.

opened up a pack of 10 chicken franks, wrapped with aluminium foil and put them into the steamer. threw some chinese steamed buns in to accompany the chicken franks, too. since everyone was at home, he decided to cut the franks into halves, such that it would seem like more for each to eat. a half would meet almost the length of one slice of bread anyway, though the intention was to expedite consumption of the bread.

halved chicken franks saying hello

steam buns - 3 yam buns, 1 char siew bun. his favourite's in focus, while she had the rest of them.

after badminton, he suggested that they go for this mussel spaghetti at sembawang hill food centre, along thomson road. stall name's "grill and pasta". recommended by ws and seemed highly rated online too. 5 people strong team headed out there, very hungrily.

tomato based mussel spaghetti - only $5 !! 3 of them had this version. the tomato sauce had substance, not the usual watery ones they had. and the mussels, around 10 of them for each serving. yummy. his mouth is watering again. see that gaping mussel? asking for it.....

cream based mussel spaghetti with extra cheese $6 (extra 50c for cream sauce and 50c for extra cheese). one of them ordered this, and the aroma was tiltillating. it had the whole table regret not opting for the cream sauce. again, the sauce was really thick and creamy, very very sinful.

he as usual, went for aglio. the least oily offering that he tried so far, and it was very fragrant even though it had less garlic as compared to others. this had linguine instead of spaghetti. actually, he had wanted to change it to mussels spaghetti but the stall ran out of stock. was feeling down-hearted, but this aglio really made him happy with his choice. only $3.50

sz spotted a taiwanese eatery's banner shouting "salt baked chicken", so they headed there to continue the expedition.

it was a quaint little shop, with only 2 tables occupied when they were there. few shops down, ivin's had a lot queue.

after they got seated, they placed orders for taiwanese beef noodle, salt-baked chicken, oyster mee sua and guo tie.

while waiting, they had dried beancurd strips (correction?) and braised peanuts, some of the tidbits you have in a chinese restaurant before food is served.

then came their beef noodles - $6.80. noodles were still springy, soup was good, beef was tender (seems like brisket). he liked it, but not as much as the gooey version.

next up - salted crispy chicken. it seemed that they mistook the chinese word and thought that it was another dish. disappointed looks around the table. $6.50 for this. the group concurred that it tasted like popcorn chicken.

oyster mee sua followed soon after. $6.80. there were probably 4-5 oysters, you'll see one peeking out from the bottom of the picture. two of them had been to taiwan and tried the famous oyster mee sua, and they felt disappointed with this.

finally, the last dish was served piping hot. guotie (pan-fried dumplings). it probably cost in the region of $6.50 too. they were pleasantly suprised to see the skin served as one whole piece, a first for most of them. the skin was crispy and tasty, while the guo tie still had some soup in them when he bit in. yummy.

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