Monday, September 7, 2009

kopitiam dinner

she made him wait around 15 minutes for her, yet she could still groan about being hungry. undecided what to eat, they scoured each level of plaza singapure, and landed up at kopitiam.

walked every store, indian food - no, malay food - no, beef noodles - no, roast meats - no... the female glutton ended up looking at the picture of a succulent-looking beef steak at the western food stall. anything goes for him, thus they ordered a medium-well beef steak, and a chicken chop. both with spaghetti. the vendor-auntie pressed him to add on a bowl of cream of mushroom with a piece of garlic bread for $2. he somehow nodded, and the bill came up to $21.

the beef looked a little on the thin side and a tad too salty. $12.90

the chicken chop was thinner than the one at ang mo kio s11, but the skin was crispy. again, the cook probably used too much salt. $5.90

the spaghetti had good colors with carrots and tomato pulp, but it still smelt of flour. reminded him of the few times he tried to make spaghetti at home.

soup had large chunks of shiitake mushroom. bread smelt and looked inviting, but the bite was disappointingly limp. $2

unfortunately, they were too hungry (gluttony) to take photos of the finale, pulut hitam and chendol. one hot, the other cold, which they both enjoyed digging from each other's bowl.

the story continues when they got home and had a showdown with steamed prawns, steamed promfret, braised pork and stir-fried wongbok, but... it had been a long day.

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  1. woa, i don't like salty food, but good post! Waiting for ur new updates!