Monday, September 21, 2009

grill and pasta re-visited 20 Sep 09

still feeling sore about not being able to eat mussels spaghetti the previous day, he agreed to go back for more upon her suggestion.

they reached sembawang hill food centre at around 2pm, and guess what, the mussels spaghetti just ran out. what luck. in the end, she settled for carbonara, and he, vongole.

carbonara - re-lived the sinful creamy sensation. after she finished, he lapped up the cream sauce, talk about scavenging. around $6?

vongole ($6?) - looked a little bland at first, but it enjoyed it fully. serving of clams was very generous, well-cleaned, fresh and sweet. spoke to the chef about not being able to eat mussels spaghetti on 2 consecutive days, and the chef laughed and said he remembered him visiting yesterday. oh well, perhaps next weekend.

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