Sunday, September 27, 2009

over another weekend - sumo house amk and hokkaido men-ya kaiko

nobody cooked at home on friday, so she suggested heading to sumo house for dinner.

as usual, she ordered teriyako salmon bento, and he ordered tempura udon.

other side-dishes were shishamo and e-tako.

fried shishamo - 5 for $2

tempura udon - naruto, anyone? $4.90

total damage was around $18 dollars.

then on saturday, it seemed that badminton was cancelled. headed out to town, and was reminded of ws' recommendation of "true hokkaido ramen". to finishing quoting him, "food from small stall at restaurant price". hokkaido men-ya kaiko.

ordered pork ramen with red miso. $16.80. had wanted to order the chicken with white ramen, but she was against it. 2 or 3 large slices of pork in it, noodles were springy, and the soup was flavourful without being too salty.

sides, sides! skipped the large-as-thumb corn, but ordered the seasoned egg. similar to braised egg, but this was really well-flavoured throughout. $1.

total damage including other charges amounted to $20.95. a bowl of noodles. just for once, not for returns.

it seemed the japanese chef was coaching filipina service staff, probably to take over the manning in future for lesser running costs. the lady cashier wasn't too nice to them, however this "emil" waiter was really considerate, smilingly volunteered to bring them another set of eating utensils and bowl when he saw that they had only ordered a bowl of ramen.

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