Sunday, September 13, 2009

dinner at chutneys

they decided to try north indian cuisine as recommended by a particular ws. headed to food republic at wisma, got seated at chutney's and ordered mango lassi.

mango lassi - $3.50

lassi's picture looks dark as they were not seated under direct lighting. while sipping the thick lassi and enjoying the burst of sweet-sour flavour, she noticed a group leaving the restaurant and asked for a change in tables. to which the staff obliged, albeit looking a little unwilling. understandable.

now, they had a nice lamp above them, creating a nice ambience. lovely for them, and good for more photographs.

the lighting

he vaguely remembered ws speaking of chicken-tikka-something, and the match on the menu was chicken tikka masala. the waitress explained to him that tikka had a cream base while masala was tomato based. when asked, she also further recommended the tomato-based lamb rogan josh. with trust, it was added to their list. butter naan was also ordered as a staple as they had never tried that before.

butter naan with chicken tikka on it. naan cost $3. looks a little thicker than prata, tasted very doughish.

orangey cream base chicken tikka masala - $10. meat was tender even though they got chicken breast in the serving. the sauce was very salty, though.

reddish tomato base lamb rogan josh - $12. on hindsight, it seemed ws had mentioned the mutton melts in the mouth. he was almost right. again, the sauce was very salty.

finished the naan but still had quite a bit of meat and sauce remaining. too salty to continue, so he beckoned to the waitress and ordered saffron rice - $6.50. bits of salt crystals were found in it, and she gave up. poor him, had to clear the food as though his belly was like a blackhole.

and finally, the damage for the day.

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