Saturday, October 3, 2009

friday dinner at ikea

she suggested having dinner at ikea, since they haven't been there in a long while.

she hadn't had much appetite in recent. after having taken a look at the menu, she decided to just have chicken wings.

well, in the end, he ordered 6-piece chicken wings, 15-piece meatballs, and 5 piece kids' nuggets meal. sounds overwhelming for 2 people?

"signature" chicken wings. always very yummy, so crispy yet juicy, they would go for the bones after the meat. $7.50 for 6.

meatballs - he loved this. however, the potatoes this time didn't seem fresh. the outer layer was a tad too tough. meatballs with the cream sauce and strawberry jam was heavenly though. $8 for this 15-piece plate.

close up of the meatballs, potatoes and strawberry jam.

finally, the chicken nuggets. he thought this would cheer her up as it was one of her favourite when they go to mcdonalds. however, he ended up having to eat the bulk of it. $2.90

had iced water, so it shaved some stress off the bill. total damage for the night, $18.40.

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