Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 May 2010 in Taiwan

had lunch somewhere in jiadong.

the conspicious looking signboard

the appetiser - frozen pickled mango, came with chunks of ice stuck on them

three cups chicken - chicken cooked in sesame oil, chinese wine and soy sauce.

fried calamari dusted with salt

fried toufu

fried rice

and the most wholesome part of the meal - fatty pork. if you think it looks fat, you should stay tuned for more sinful ones in the later part of this taiwan series.

dinner was at liu he night market

tried coffin board (guan cai ban) for the first time in his life. it's actually fried bread with filling that's similar to cream of mushroom with chicken and other vegetables mixed in.

someone ordered taiwanese sausage

his very first order of chicken cutlet in taiwan, disappointing stuff

dried fish roe - very savoury, a little too overwhelming and left a slightly bitter aftertaste

dandan mian - just a small bowl of noodles with one prawn. worthy of mentioning is the texture of the noodles, very smooth and chewy. around 30NT

this read crispy fishballs in the menu, but nobody could find out what was crispy about it

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