Monday, June 21, 2010

29 May 2010 in Taiwan

had a filling breakfast this day. simple meals look very good under orange/yellow lighting huh.


egg wrap - a little like roti prata with filling

finished up with packing to check out for taipei. a colleague got hungry on the high speed rail and look what he got. chicken bento. smelt really good, especially when his was the only meal in that car.

finally reached ximen mrt station to start searching for our hotel

saw this really huge heineken poster on a party world building. made for it, probably.

checked into their "3 star" goodground hotel, where some rooms had no window, and the aircon was was centrally controlled. SGD80/night, wow.

good thing that it was right smack in the shopping (food) belt. just around the bend was the famous a zong mee sua. immediately ordered the 60NT big bowl. slurped up everything gratefully. look at the queue.

also found some time to get their butts down to freedom square to watch the change parade. drizzling all the way, got themselves wet but luckily not sick.

and the best part? took the mrt to jiantan for shilin market.

the chicken cutlet was really a huge portion. somehow the batter did not stick onto the meat, and it sort of enveloped a layer of hot air between itself and the chicken. the batter also seemed to be the same one used to make oyster omelette over there. one thing worth noting is that the cutlet wasn't boneless.

next on the expedition list, 红油抄手 as recommended by colleague

looked like normal dumplings topped with vegetable and extremely salty satay sauce. the below is the normal 抄手.

红油抄手, supposed to be spicier?

close up after he had bit into one

still not feeling satisfied, they decided to attack another stall. 棺材版 coffin board again. the bread tasted better than the one they had at 六合 night market.

that was all for this day. perhaps.

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