Monday, June 14, 2010

27 May 2010 in Taiwan

headed to cijin (actually qi jin in hanyupinyin) with hopes of eating real fresh sashimi.

went under the sea and reached the island. visited a park right before the turn into the market.

harvesting energy from nature - these sound really loud, scary flip-flopping action.

wind was strong, so were the waves, crashing hard against the wall.

here's a better view.

finally reached the market, however, what they offered were dried sea products, fish floss, dried cuttlefish and the likes. those who wanted to make the most out of this trip bought some products to report home.

a calmer place for some beach action. well, got tricked. his feet got scalded by the grey sand, making him scurry towards the nearest grass patch in tiptoe mode. feet turned red and sore.

tired, injured and hungry, they decided to have some food. he suggested roast pork 烧肉, but little did he know that he would receive bbq pork - a different interpretation of a dish of the same name.

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