Thursday, June 24, 2010

31 May 2010 in Taiwan

this was to be the second last day in Taipei. They had decided to visit the iconic Taipei 101.

Some building taken on the way there, not too sure of the name. however, it seems to be beside the hakka association on google maps.

reached taipei 101 mall and went to the basement for food

stuff from flavorfield, however, he was only tuned for savory stuff at that moment

walked past a omu rice stall, displayed portions looked generous and really delicious. however, it seemed that only the plate was huge, and the omu rice wasn't even half as good as his wife's cooking. cost around 150NT

a colleague had korean barbecue set, looked really good, but it tasted disappointing as well. around 150NT too. half the squid was left untouched

went to the supermarket to get some drinks. being conservative, he had wanted to get some lemon tea. however, a colleague suggested that he get the asparagus juice that they spotted earlier. not the best tasting of juice, even though he likes to eat asparagus. 25NT

once lunch was settled, they paid 400NT for the entrance ticket to Taipei 101's observatory tower.

stayed around until the sunset, wind was really strong and cold up on the 91st storey.

everything else looked like toys from such a height.

the descending elevator ride was much slower than the ascending one. probably to prevent the filling of butterflies in stomachs. left the place and took the train to danshui to visit the night markets. bad timing though, maybe it was a weekday, and stall owners were already brushing and washing their equipment when they arrived.

settled for some chicken rice which was reminiscent of hainanese chicken rice. never judge a book by it's cover, the meat was very tough, and the skin was like rubber. made the effort to finish up everything as he was very hungry. 80NT for another disappointing meal this day

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