Monday, June 21, 2010

28 May 2010 in Taiwan

met up early this day for the assault on the xiao long bao they missed out on.

just 40 NT, and really good. had 6 plates in total... imagine how filling that is.

the aunties in action, they had actually mistaken them for japanese tourists.

next, they headed to donggang for sashimi. once there, they saw many beheaded tuna lying on the flood. huge fish. let's move to the catch.

tuna and some chin fillet. disappointingly, the fish they bought didn't seem fresh at all, and the chin was frozen. try chewing on frozen sashimi...

tuna belly

still have no idea what this is. they had mistaken it for swordfish.

and finally at the night (can't remember the name) market for dinner, a dish of chicken wrapped sausage.

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